Pros and Cons of Current Office Exercise Devices to Address the Sitting Disease

DEC, 9 2015

Society is starting to awaken to the realization that the 8 hours of the day we are sitting is slowly, but surely, killing us. An article published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2014 found that sedentary sitting is associated with a 24% increased risk of colon cancer, a 32% increased risk of endometrial cancer, and a 21% increased risk of lung cancer. The Mayo Clinic reinforces the concerns of sedentary sitting when they found that those who sat for long periods of time had about a 125% increase risk of events associated with cardiovascular disease, such as chest pain (specifically, angina) or heart attack. The “sitting disease” is slowly killing millions of Americans every year.


To address this issue, we have compiled a list of options currently on the market that try to address the sitting disease. Unfortunately, none of these are a silver bullet and a complete solution. None of them can fit in a car, on an airplane or public transportation. Only a few can even be transported without special equipment. When the PediGlide’s Kickstarter is released on January 4th, 2016 we will add to this portfolio to fight back against sedentary sitting. The PediGlide will be the most complete combination of effective leg exercise, maneuverability, extremely price competitive and the only option that can be utilized in any sitting situation. Until then, here are your best options:


Walking Treadmill Desk


  • High calorie burner
  • High health benefits
  • Activates numerous muscle groups
  • Market intuitively understands benefits and operation design of a treadmill desk
  • Addresses sitting for long periods of time health hazard


  • Users can fall from being distracted during multitasking
  • Costs range from $1,000 - $5,000
  • Noisy in crowded office space
  • No ability to move to sitting desk when user becomes tired of walking
  • Takes up large amount of office space, usually around 6’ long X 3’ wide
  • 11% drop in motor & cognitive skills of typing, mouse clicking and math problems
  • High calorie exercise can lead to uncomfortable sweating at work
  • Zero ability to be used in air travel
  • Creates static electricity that shocks the user
  • Almost impossible to move once set up


Pedal Exerciser



  • Relatively small and compact
  • Adjustable tension
  • Highly marketed to niche demographics like knee recovery patients
  • Cost between $30 - $300
  • Can be high or low calorie burn


  • Users can easily hit their knees on a desk if they attempt to use in an office environment
  • Requires user to have long and/or high leg room at desk

  • Poor grip on ground, shifts when using

  • Not usable in small spaces or air travel




  • Cost between $40 - $300
  • Adjustable tension
  • Design allows for good grip with ground and users’ feet
  • Low calorie burn, low probability of causing sweating at work


  • Users can hit their knees on a desk if they attempt to use in an office environment
  • Requires user to have long and/or high leg room at desk
  • Not usable in small spaces or air travel
  • Only utilizes one direction of leg motion
  • Bulky and not easily carried


Standing Desk


  • Addresses sitting for long periods of time health issue
  • Adjustable models can be installed in some offices
  • Ease of use
  • Engages numerous muscle groups
  • Burns slightly more calories than sitting


  • Stationary movement, no further body movement engaged
  • Non-adjustable models can cause discomfort after hours of use
  • Standing for too long can be poor health for joints, feet swelling and pregnant workers
  • Users tend to grow tired of standing all day and revert back to mostly sitting
  • Not usable in small spaces or air travel
  • Costs between $250 - $1,000


It is clear that there is currently no single solution available on the market to provide office workers or airline travelers that does not hurt your knees by hitting them on the desk, or is able to be used for long periods of time, or is cost effective, or can be used in small spaces and also keeps their body active throughout the day.

This is why we invented the PediGlide and we would love your support on January 4th, 2016.


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